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Techcellence | IT Services Desk Portal

We’re passionate about understanding our customers. That’s why we are continuously developing our tools and skills to ensure we cater to your needs.

The Techcellence IT Service Desk is a customer support system that provides a place for our clients to submit service tickets privately, allowing us to receive, track, and respond to them promptly. 

When developing the Service Desk Portal, we had 2 principles in mind:

1. Making our clients lives easier

We focus on customer happiness, our Self-Service Portal makes it easier for customers to get assistance when they most need it – using SSO (single sign-on), users can view all their services in one location, instead of having to use separate logins for each service. With this portal, you can manage all of your services with us from one location.

2. Our tools should be user friendly for clients and our staff

The Service Desk Portal has a friendly, and simple interface. The interface with consolidated fields makes it easier than ever to view or create tickets. Using responsive web design, viewing your tickets on a smartphone or tablet is now effortless.

We hope you’ve found value in this change we have made. Should you wish to provide feedback please get in touch with an email. 

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