Device Management for the modern Office.

There are many ways to manage end user devices in the modern workplace. While a traditional Standard Operating Environment (SOE) still has its place, an increasing number of organisations are looking to leverage the capabilities of the Azure platform to modernise the device management of their end-user computing environment.



Microsoft Autopilot and Windows 10 lets you provide zero-touch deployment for users, reducing the effort on IT teams to roll out a traditional SOE. Individual applications are packaged and deployed via Intune, customised for the specific staff member. All an end user needs are their credentials and an internet connection!


Intune lets BYOD (Bring your own device) businesses deploy applications, without joining a computer to the domain and becoming a fully managed device. You can easily roll out business applications and ensure all devices joining a network have the right security. Give staff the flexibility they want while controlling software versions, licensing, security and central access.

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