End User Computing

Have freedom and Security with managed end-user devices

Make your life easier when managing your end-users. In today's current  IT environment it's important for staff to have the freedom to work anywhere, on a range of devices. We can help you achieve this while also maintaining control over how those devices are managed.

Discover the benefits of centralised device management.

Use the best device management process for your organisation. With Techcellence, you can deploy a traditional standard operating environment across your end-users, we will set it up, test, roll-out via our staging facilities and national network, and maintain it.

Alternatively, we can provide a more flexible solution, which allows customisation to the end user. Leveraging the power of the Azure platform, we can give your staff the flexibility they want, while controlling licencing, versioning and security remotely.


Take the pain our of IT Procurement.

Save time and money on sourcing your hardware and software licencing. Our team of specialists and buying power means you can let us do the legwork, while you get back to business. 

Our access to a muliture of vendors mean we can souce the right software & Hardware for your requirements.

When you buy IT equipment or software licenses as part of a service agreement, you won’t need to worry about specifications, compatibility or whether it will cause ongoing problems we take care of all that for you.


Mobility Solutions.

Keep your staff fully connected with our extensive range of mobility solutions. Mobility today is more than connecting emails on your smartphone or remote desktop access.

To work from anywhere your staff need 24/7 access to company information, collaboration tools, integrated telephony solutions, reliable connections and equipment, and comprehensive security.


Find end user computing services thatfit you.

Ask Techcellence about how we can make managing your end-users easier.

Experience the Techcellence difference.

With our genuine passion and a focus on service, our proven combinations of high-quality, reliable and cost-effective managed IT provides first-class services.

With an end results which are cost effective, dependable and secure, Techcellence is at the forefront of technology to ensure you are getting the best products and services for your needs.

And we really do love IT!


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