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Are there any disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

Like anything in business you should always way up the advantages and disadvantages before deciding if this is right for you, so now let’s take a look at the disadvantage or possible risks of cloud computing.

Possible Downtime

Cloud computing makes your business dependent on the reliability of your internet connection. When it is offline your offline.

If your internet connection suffers from frequent outages or slow speeds, cloud computing may not be suitable for your business. Even the most reliable cloud computing service providers can also suffer outages from time to time. Although many of the high-level providers details their uptime Service Level Agreements so you know what you are in for prior to signup.

Security Issues

The question always asked is… How safe is my data?

Cloud computing is effectively internet computing, so you need to be careful when using cloud computing applications that involve using or storing data that you are not comfortable having on the internet. Keep in mind that cloud data is accessible from anywhere on the internet, meaning that if a data breach occurs via hacking, a disgruntled employee, or careless username/password security, your business data can be compromised. Most security breaches occur due to poorly implemented business security practices.

Saying this though, many cloud service providers offer levels of security greatly higher than most businesses may be able to afford to implement on it’s own servers.


At first glance, sometimes it can appear cheaper to implement a cloud computing service. But make sure that you compare apples to apples and ensure that the cloud service offering is the same/similar to the onsite solution. Nearly all cloud solutions are based on a subscription service model. So whilst the upfront costs may be minimal, look into the future to ensure that over 24-36 months you are not actually paying more then you would for an onsite service.