New office Setup or Relocation

Support for IT infrastructure set up and relocation of office

Techcellence offers new Office IT Setup or Relocation Services, IT infrastructure Set up as well as relocation service. We know first hand that relocating from from one office to another can be a difficult and stressful task and can give birth to a lot of issues. Making sure you have enough data and power points, dealing with an Internet and Phone service provider, connection and testing of all systems on the new location, then setting everything up and within a time frame.

If you are planning to relocate your office and you are worried about any these things, Don't stress! We are highly experienced with handling these tasks, we have assisted many business in the Albury, Wodonga Region. 

We will work with your electrician to make sure your Cabling and Data points are where you need them, arrange for you NBN and phone connections, set up all you IT infrastructure to have your staff settled in and working quickly and seamlessly. 

Our Office IT Setup Relocation services include the following;

- IT audit of current systems without any charge.

- Inexpensive IT infrastructure upgrade and maintenance 

- Documenting and tagging of IT equipment 

- We will prepare a transfer plan

- Designing, testing, and installation, of Structured Cabling System in the new office where you are shifting

- We assemble IT equipment in the new office and dismantle the equipment from the old office

- Liasing with your Phone and Interent provider 


Why choose Techcellence for IT infrastructure set up and relocation over any other service?

    - We have vast experience in Office IT Setup Relocation and migration.

    - We offer personalised planning to meet clients needs

    - IT relocation and setup service on the turn-key basis

    - Expert Technicians

    - Instantly Connect with a Technician

    - Job quited, no hidden fees 

    Leave the stress of moving & setting up your IT to us!

    When the times comes to move office or setup a new space, you need a team that you can trust!

    Our technicians at Techcellence have intense experience in IT transfer arrangements. We take the stress out of setting up your NBN, you phone system/s along with making sure all you IT infrastructure is in place ready for you and your team to work.