Business Data Storage

In today's paperless society, the amount of data businesses need to protect is growing exponentially.

Data storage is an essential part to all business networks and you know your company needs a data backup solution, but where do you start?

When looking at data storage for your business there are two main things you need to consider;

(a) how much information do you need to protect?

(b) What products will best meet your business's needs? Fortunately, Techcellence is here to help you meet your needs. We can develop a complete solution that is best going to suit your Business' needs and implement it to make data storage easy.


Dependable, flexible & Hassle-free hosting

When it comes to web hosting, the choice out there can be daunting. So who better to manage your hosting than the people who know your IT best? Techcellence offers a range of hosting and web services for your business, so that instead of bouncing back and forth between suppliers we look after all your IT under one roof.

We are impartial, and not tied to one supplier – therefore whether it’s Office 365, Google Apps, more complex hosting or even full cloud environments we can help. We can set up all manner of things to get you working from anywhere, such as Dropbox, SharePoint, and host your emails on Microsoft Exchange or Gmail.

As well as hosting your website, we can register domains, set up Sharepoint so you can access your business from any device, move your emails or even design your website.

Some of the services we host:

Managed webhosting for your site

Managed domain registration and services

Managed virtual and dedicated servers

Email services (Microsoft Exchange & Gmail)

Application hosting (SharePoint, Google Apps)

Backup services to make sure your data is safe

Web design and consultation