Maintain Your Server with the Help of Techcellence

Without a doubt servers are the heartbeat of every network and your valuable data may be at risk if you don’t focus on your servers maintenance.

Our server maintenance plans are designed to keep your server/s updated and always working to produce the expected performance for your network users. This service provides remote and telephone support, site visits as required and work outside business hours associated with the maintenance of company servers and disaster recovery. Our server maintenance plans include: 

Do you need an IT Company to manage your server?

Without being biased the answer to this common question is yes. It's a bit like asking do I need an account to do my taxes, you could do it on you own but you run the risk of error. You need to have someone who understand and is qualified to support your client-server based applications. If you have multiple servers with technology specific to servers, like the RAID, virtualisation, or a domain/directory, unless you know what you're doing you are putting your valuable data and business at risk.

From configuration to monitoring the server around the clock, our well-trained technicians at Techcellence work hand-in-hand with customers. Our team has the expertise in handling Windows servers efficiently and is adept with a wide range of control panel installations too.

Our server maintenance plans include:

> Checking server log files 

> Applying necessary service packs and updates 

> Checking hard disk space 

> Checking core file and folder permission 

> Checking complete security 

> Checking application functionality 

> Checking redundancy 

> Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades 

> Check backups and more


Some of the benefits of Server Maintenance by Techcellence

> Continues monitor your systems - often issue are resolved before you even know about them

> Microsoft and service packs updated.

> A major reduction in your downtime.

> Common problems will be fixed automatically.

> Improves system availability and Key applications remain consistently and speedily available.

> Boost performance.