What are Managed IT Services? 

A Managed IT Service is a complete management of your IT environment. Our full Managed IT Service involved proactive maintenance of your servers, applications, network and computers to provide maximum reliability and the ability to discover faults before they result in business disruption. 

What are the benefits of Managed IT?
  • We make sure you get continuity, security and ensure operations run smoothly.
  • We Provide powerful, robust and cost effective solutions for email and storage, CRM Systems, point of sales solutions and more.
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support. We provide a helpdesk that is on hand to solve any IT problems that may arise – ensuring you and your employees can carry on working. We also deal with any changes or requests you may have, such as setting up new mailboxes or users.
  • Unlimited technology consulting. You can take advantage of expert knowledge and advice in order to plan out your IT solutions to best suit your business needs.
  • We will work with you to improve productivity in your organisation, and allow you to achieve greater revenue through improved technology solutions.

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

  • Many IT companies take a break-fix, reactive approach to solving IT issues. Unfortunately this means you often suffer from periods where you cannot work, and you repeatedly experience the same problems.
  • What’s better than fixing an IT problem in under 30 minutes? Not having the problem to fix it in the first place!
  • With the right IT partner, you can benefit from maintenance being carried out on your systems proactively – ensuring that your infrastructure is in top shape and reducing the likelihood of something going wrong.

What are the benefits of proactive monitoring and maintenance?

    • All patches and security updates are proactively installed (in the background without affecting you), virus scans carried out, and a range of other things are monitored – such as memory usage and hardware strain. If anything goes wrong, your IT support company should know about it before you do.
    • We use the latest remote monitoring and maintenance software – so if your computer so much as sneezes, we’ll know about it. Ultimately, this reduces the risk to your business as you are much less likely to be affected by downtime – which can be costly from both a productivity and a revenue perspective.

Rapid Response

When an IT problem does arise it is important that you can reach your IT support company and you experience a rapid response. Having a Wodonga based office, a support ticket system along with an after-hours emergency number you can rest a sure someone from our team will always be available when you need us, being based locally also means we can have someone on site to you immediately if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.