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You’re an expert in your field – we’re experts in ours. During our 10 years in serving company’s just like yours, we have developed the skills to provide your business with solutions unique to your industry’s needs. We get to know you and your company, so that we can provide you with customized services to fix your specific problems– while maintaining a “big picture” perspective. Are you ready to start your Techcellence journey?

Are you experiencing any of these IT Support Problems?


Our company is losing money waiting for IT Support!


I want to be able to access my company data anywhere!


Our backups have not been checked or verified!


We can never get hold of our IT consultant!


My company can not afford any more downtime!


Our IT system is costing us too much money!!

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6 most common IT problems we believe effect small businesses the most.

1. Integration issues

As new technologies are realised, sometimes they don't work well with older systems or applications. This can result in double entry or data, having to look in multiple places for information, along with other inefficiencies.

2. Backup & Disaster challenges

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file, experienced a power outage, had a server crash, or any other “data disaster,” then you know how important having a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan can be (or would have been!)
Having the right backup solution and disaster recovery procedures in place for when these events inevitably occur are critical to eliminating the downtime and expenses that accompany them.

3. Root causes aren't uncovered or addressed

When IT departments or providers have a process for tracking issues, they’re able to analyse the data and identify trends. When they dig into the trends, sometimes they find that an issue is a symptom of a greater problem. Solving the root cause would make the problem go away for good and keep employees productive instead of on the phone with IT support.

As an IT provider Techcellence will never secretly create a dependency just to maintain a relationship (pay check) with a client, as an IT provider we hear this happening far too often and we strongly believe it's morally and ethically wrong!

4. Security Risks

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and small businesses are being targeted now more than ever before. Think of all of your trade secrets, confidential communication, customer information, and HR records that are stored on your company’s computers. What would be the impact if this data fell into the wrong hands?
There is a cost-effective suite of IT security procedures and solutions that are worth considering. These pay dividends in the long run – an incident isn’t worth the headache.

5. Waiting until something breaks

Systems need regular maintenance to ensure they run properly and securely. With the right IT partner and processes, problems may be predicted, planned for, and resolved before they become urgent. Isn't it better to get in front of issues and resolve them before they turn into expensive and time-consuming emergencies?

6. Frustrated users (employees)

Interacting with technology is a huge part of your employees’ day. Using slow, outdated systems with frequent problems makes it much more difficult for them to be happy and productive, ultimately increasing their output.

How would it impact your business if you enabled your employees to get just 5 percent more accomplished every day, simply by keeping your technology up to date?

These seven IT support problems plus many more that businesses face are considered “the norm” because they didn't know that better IT support results are possible. 

Information technology is critical for the operation of most companies and has the power to create business growth when utilised effectively. Equally however, if things aren't setup or working correctly, software and other business tools can quickly become frustrating and expensive roadblocks to achieving business objectives.

Our experience has taught us any IT issue can be either fixed or worked around, and that business of any type eventually needs diligent IT solutions implementation... Whatever your IT related issues may be, or whatever software or hardware setup you need to install or service, we can do it!
Adapting to each specific issue and working it around, along with providing universal IT solutions for business is what we're all about!

We’re experts at managing all stages of your technology’s life-cycle!

We can make technology a reliable, competitive advantage for your business. Are you ready?

If there's a better way, we'll help you find it!

It's estimated that established businesses generally spend between 0.5% and 10% of their annual revenue on technology, depending mostly on the industry. Manufacturing and retail are typically on the lower end of the scale, while finance and health care are typically on the high end. 

With literally infinite possibilities available, how do you determine the Right IT Products, Services and Solutions for your business? Obviously there are a lot of benefits to having Technology in your business but only if you invest in the correct setup, after all if there is no core benefit to be gained why do it? So in saying this, what should you consider as part of your technology budget? 

What are the benefits of technology in a business?

When it comes to technology it's hard to know where you should spend most of your technology budget, this is where Techcellence comes in. We help businesses understand the What, Why, When and how much technology they should focus on. One of the key questions we always ask any business owner before they spend money or time on technology is "Why are you doing this"?  the answer to this mostly depends on your industry, but even more on your specific business. 

How do you view IT in your business?



Is technology an investment for your business - A valued asset that contributes to the success of your business? Or does it seem like a money sapping waste of time? 

One key assets Techcellence brings as an IT provider, is our knowledge and ability to show our clients that a properly tailored, setup technology environment is a valued asset, that contributes to the success of your business. Just as putting a square peg into a round hole is a waste of time, investing in the wrong information technology and set up for any business is a waste of money.

Technology is a cost not just in dollars, but also in the time you and your employees need to spend adapting to it, however if there is no core benefit to be gained, or it's not setup correctly it will seem like a money sapping waste of time. 

When businesses engage us as their IT provider we encourage then to consider these key points before spending any money

particle7 What type of business are you?

particle7 Do you fully understand why you have an Information Technology in your business?

particle7 Do you feel that your business is currently utilising the correct solution for the size of your business?

particle7 Is your current system or solution too complex?

particle7 Does you current solution meet your needs, or do you spend more time/money working on your solution instead of your solution working or you?