flyer front pageIt's fair to say that a business is only as good as the technological solutions it adapts for the day to day tasks. In saying this, most business owners recognise the necessity of having a computer, an email address, and a website, but still look at the upfront cost more than other issues. 

Think about this, technology is both a cost of doing business, and an opportunity to do more business, like acounting and legal, every business needs to invest in technology to compete, but,  if there is no core business benefit to be gained, why do it in the first place? 



With literally infinite possibilities available, how do you determine the Right IT Products, Services and Solutions for your business? Obviously there are a lot of benefits to having Technology in your business but ony if you invest in the correct setup. 

Before spending any money or time on technology business owner should think about the following points "Why am I doing this"? and How do I view technology in my business"? 

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How do you view Technology in your business? As an Asset or a liability?
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There's no point trying to put a square peg in a round hole!

When it comes to technology it's hard to know where you should spend most of your technology budget. Should you focus on infrastructure, hosted applications, custom line of-business applications, or what? The answer to this depends a lot on your industry, but even more on your specific business. 

From start-up services and operational management through to fully co-sourced solutions, Techcellence supplies much more than a quick fix. our experienced IT technicians specialise in a full range of services that provide you withreliability and the ability to respond to IT needs before they become an issue. 

With have a range of packages available, we work actively with our clients providing the necessary levels of support to help keep operations functioning smoothly, 24 hours a day. 


Full Managed IT

This is the whole kit & caboodle!...Tech support on tap! Backup & software subscription, Anti-virus, O365 subscriptions, all at one fixed monthly price.

Full Managed Support

Whenever your employees are at a loss with any tech issue, there's no hesitate to request one of our support engineers for help with this fixed $ monthly support packaged!

Server & Data Backup Support

This is a great option for businesses who don't need support on tap but want to make sure the Server is performing at optimum capacity and data is safe.

Mix and Matched IT Support

A package designed for your needs, to get your office's IT devices and networks going and working!

Where should you spend and how much? 

There is a fine line between spending too much and not enough. Spend too much on technology, and it will consume your time and budget, leaving you ill prepared to do anything else on your business. Spend too little and you may be left behind by your competition.

You need to implement enough technology to a see a real benefit, prevent the worst disasters, and not miss out on any major opportunities, while not spending more than you can handle. 

Technology is a cost not just in dollars, but also in the time you and your employees need to spend adapting to it. Nearly always, small, incremental, ongoing changes are a better way to bring technology into your business, rather than large all-or-nothing systems that promise to do everything straight away. 

Established businesses generally spend between 0.5% and 10% of their annual revenue on technology, depending mostely on the industry. Manufacturing and retail are typically on the lower end of the scale while finance and health care are typically on the high end. So, saying this what cost do you need to consider as part of your technology budget? These break down into several categories. 


Servicing The Albury Wodonga Area With


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Customer Service

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Managed Services

Unlimited remote and on-site support. We provide a helpdesk that is on hand to solve any IT problems Read More

Remote Working

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Backup Solutions

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Cloud Computing

Designed to keep your server/s updated and always working to produce the expected performance. Read More

Multisite Connectivity

Techcellence works to each specific location’s requirement, designing and delivering the infrastructure you need. Read More

Data Storage/Hosting

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IT Relocation/Services

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