Remote working - what does this mean?

    Working remotely is defined as having the ability to work away from your place of business or employees operating away from an employer's place of business. This could be on the road, at home or overseas.

    • it may also be considered as employees who work in outreach or branch/satellite offices that are away from the main IT infrastructure where support applications and data reside, typically head office.
    • With advances in Internet speed and cloud computing, working away from the office no longer means any loss in productivity. With remote working, video conferencing and social media it's now possible to do anything you could do in the office, anywhere anytime form any location. 

    Some of the benefits of remote working include;

    • # The freedom to work from any location, anytime.
    • # Run/access your business software regardless of the device.
    • # Save money and time
    • # Enjoy work-life balance