Having the right systems and services in place is important for your business. Don't become a victim! The team at Techcellence will be happy to help you make the right choices for your technology needs, we will provide you with the right advice based on our extensive knowledge and the needs of your business.

More about our Network services

  • A main part of a good IT Infrastructure is to be sure all the elements such as servers and routers are all connecting properly.

    To guarantee an effective IT infrastructure, you need to be sure all the elements of your network, such as servers and routers are communicating properly.

    Techcellence advises small to medium-sized businesses on connectivity issues surrounding their networks and internet services as well as proactively monitoring these connections to ensure users remain productive.

    Good connectivity ensures your devices are able to transfer data back and forth quickly, for example, when the computer you are working on needs to connect to the server to access your files. Bad network connectivity is often the root cause of systems running slowly.

  • The cabling of your IT infrastructure is an important aspect of your overall network design and something that is often overlooked.

    Cabling & Networks

    Cabling is a component which is frequently overlooked but it actually forms a critical aspect of your overall network infrastructure.

    Network cabling is the physical connection between all your devices, which enables documents to be sent to the printer and files to be retrieved from your server. Poor quality cabling and broken cables can result in a variety of problems with your PCs as well as causing printer, internet and server anomalies.

    We/Techcellence work/s with small to medium-sized businesses, providing a personal, consultative IT support service which includes managing your network cabling infrastructure. Our engineers have provided network cabling services to dozens of clients over the years in many different office locations, so we’ve come across most known obstacles and complications.

    Wireless Networking

    A wireless access point allows you to connect to the internet without a wired connection. That means no cumbersome network cable trailing between your laptop and a network socket on the wall.

    Having a wireless internet connection can be great for some businesses, but a hindrance to others. It really depends on what you do and how your office works. The good news is you don’t need to choose between wired and wireless connections – because you can have both – and will benefit from each in different ways.

    How Techcellence decides whether wireless is your best option:

    • Firstly, we look at your general internet usage. Are you simply browsing the web or sending and receiving large files?
    • How many people will be using the internet at any one time? This can be a deciding factor as to whether wireless connectivity will work for you.
    • What is the physical location of your servers in relation to where the wireless point will be in your office?
    • If you are fully cloud based, wireless will work better for your needs.

    Wireless can be a great solution for businesses that can’t have wired solutions, such as offices within listed buildings, or specific areas within an office where unsightly cables cannot be run.

    The main challenge with wireless internet is the more people who use the wireless connection, the slower it becomes. Call our friendly, knowledgeable engineers today to discuss your wireless options.

  • Having the right Server along with routers and switching as part of your IT infrastructure is essential.

    Choosing the right server, together with the most appropriate routers and switches, is essential to ensuring your business remains productive. Equally, a server that is under performing, due to its age, or a lack of hard drive capacity, is effectively costing you money.

    Techcellence specializes in managing small office server setups for SME organisations, because these companies sometimes struggle to properly define the role of a server within their business and require help in identifying the best products to suit their needs.

    Our friendly and experienced engineers will analyse your business processes and recommend only the right hardware and security products for you.

    Small office server setups

    At Techcellence, we make sure the servers we recommend and install for you are the perfect fit for your business needs. This is how we do it.

    • We do not simply recommend a server that will satisfy your needs today. We take into account your growth forecast for the years ahead to ensure your server continues to serve your needs into the future and your investment is maximised.
    • When selecting servers and other network devices, Techcellence ensures the hardware it proposes originates from trusted providers and, thanks to our established vendor relationships, Techcellence account managers are always able to source your hardware at competitive prices.
    • Your installation will be planned carefully by trained consultants and installed to ensure as little downtime as possible.
    • Our maintenance clients enjoy the benefits of our round-the-clock monitoring solution. Advanced notifications enable our engineering team to nip small issues in the bud when they first arise – a failing hard drive, or a Windows update that needs to be installed. Thanks to constant monitoring, these issues will not impinge on your working day.
    • We recommend suitable routers and switchgear that adequately match user numbers and the type of internet connection you have. We will make sure it’s never the hardware that slows you down!
  • Stretch the boundaries of your workplace far beyond the physical limits of your office with secure remote access.

    Thanks to the latest remote working solutions, it is now possible to stretch the boundaries of your workplace far beyond the physical limits of your office.

    Users now have the possibility of accessing emails and important company files via smartphones and tablets as well as on home PC connections. So are your remote workers making the most of their time away from the office?

    What are the benefits of remote working?

    • Work remotely, anytime, any location.
    • Run your business software, regardless of the device.
    • Save money and time.
    • Enjoy work-life balance.

    Remote Working is defined as;

    "Employees operating away from an employer's place of business. This could be on the road at home or overseas. It may also be considered as employees who work in outreach or branch/satellite offices that are away from the main IT infrastructure where support, applications and data reside, typically head office."

    With advances in internet speed and cloud computing, working away from the office no longer means any loss in productivity. With remote working, video conferencing and social media it's now possible to do anything you could do in the office, anywhere anytime from any location.

    How remote working is improved by cloud computing

    Cloud computing means all of your files are stored in a secure data centre, which you connect to via the internet, whether you’re in the office, at home, or out and about. All of your programs and applications can also be housed in the data centre, rather than being installed on an office device. This means you can access them anywhere regardless of what device you are using. There's no need to worry about purchasing additional licenses or software on all of your devices, no more emailing documents to yourself or carrying around flash drives. Cloud computing makes remote working a breeze.

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