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Server & Network Administration


Your Server/s are like the heart of your business, they manage the traffic, allow access to important files, documents, and all the data of your business. Without regular maintenance Company data and Networks can be exposed to serous risk. Even a small problem in this system can seriously put a halt on your workflow.

Remote Working


Having the ability to work away form the your place of business or employees operating away from an employers place of business allows greats greater flexibly and less down time for you and your staff

With advances in internet speed ad cloud computing, working away from the office no longer means any loss of productivity. With remote working, video conferencing and social media it's now possible to do anything you could do in the office, anywhere anytime from any location.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians to find out the best options for setting up remote access for you and your staff.

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It's estimated that established businesses generally spend between 0.5% and 10% of their annual revenue on technology, depending mostly on the industry. Manufacturing and retail are typically on the lower end of the scale, while finance and health care are typically on the high end. 

With literally infinite possibilities available, how do you determine the Right IT Products, Services and Solutions for your business? Obviously there are a lot of benefits to having Technology in your business but only if you invest in the correct setup, after all if there is no core benefit to be gained why do it? So in saying this, what should you consider as part of your technology budget? 

What are the benefits of technology in a business?

When it comes to technology it's hard to know where you should spend most of your technology budget, this is where Techcellence comes in. We help businesses understand the What, Why, When and how much technology they should focus on. One of the key questions we always ask any business owner before they spend money or time on technology is "Why are you doing this"?  the answer to this mostly depends on your industry, but even more on your specific business.