An end result which is both effect and of extreme value

Understanding, listening and achieving prompt resolutions are a few of the key reasons to choose Techcellence as your IT provider. 

Making sure quality customer service is a key component to our business, you can always trust and depend on us to have your best interest in mind..

We believe that apart from being good at what we do (Check out our awards and achievements), our team hold a high standard of Morals, Values, Integrity and Passion for what we do. Outlined below are the Ethics we as a business and as individuals work by.

The Techcellence Code of Ethics

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#1 Be Honest

We never lie about our strengths, our background, our expertise, or even the hour's we spend on a project. For some IT providers this might be the largest temptation they face because there are so few auditing features in place.

Our clients take a leap of faith when hiring us and we will never violate that trust for
any reason, especially not to keep the job - which brings us to #2.

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#2 Say No when necessary

Clients hire us for our opinions, our experience, and our knowledge. Giving them anything
less violates their trust and will eventually bite us back, hard.

Our clients may not always act on our advice and that's their choice. Sometimes it's difficult
for us to speak up when we disagree or even refuse to partake in that job, but we must - If
a customer or organisation chooses to not follow our advice and something goes wrong we
have morally and ethically done right by that organisation by speaking the truth and given
sound advice.

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#3 Wait when necessary

Knowing when to wait is the flip side of #2.

As an IT provider it is unethical to push a point of view beyond detection. In other words, it's our job to present what we've learnt and make our best recommendation. It's not our job to force our recommendations.

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Using our range of knowledge and services we will strive to provide our clients with
an IT network that works properly for them, making their company more efficient and
ultimately more profitable.
We will always work competently and diligently for our clients and employers.
We will always act with professional responsibility and integrity in our dealings with
clients and their organisation. We will place the interest of the client above those
personal and sectional interests.
#4 Uphold Our Values and Ideals
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#5 Maintain Confidentiality

As a consultant we have multiple clients in the same field. There's nothing inherently
unethical about it, but to protect ourselves and your clients we always maintain a high
degree of confidentiality.

As an IT consultant, providing our skills to competitors will not put them at risk, as we are extremely careful with protecting our client's Interests.

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#6 Respect Management's Confidence

When our client shares confidential information with us as part of the discovery process,
we don't share that information with others in the company.

It's not our place to say anything - We are hired as a trusted IT consultant.

Just as we don't violate confidentiality between our clients, we don't spread confidential
information through layers of the same company.

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#7 Don't stir the pot

The only views our clients are paying for us to have are those that support our IT

We will always keep to our consulting views and leave all the personal drama to the staff working in that organisation.

Every company has it's own drama, but we will never be dragged into it.

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#8 Report Unethical behaviour

Firstly we will call a meeting to present your evidence to the key business person. If they choose to continue with this behaviour we will dissociate ourselves, and Techcellence from this organisation, and where necessary report our findings to the appropriate authorities.

Staff and management at Techcellence will never knowingly be involved in Unethical or illegal behaviour.

If, we learn that someone within an organisation is doing something unethical or illegal (related to the company), we have an obligation to report our findings (not our suspicions) to someone in a position to intervene.

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#9 Don't create a dependency

A project might produce a new maintenance or support contract, but it must grow from need and mutual agreement, not pretence or trickery.

Techcellence will never secretly create a dependency just to maintain a relationship (pay check) with a client. As an IT provider we hear of this happening far too often and we strongly believe it's morally and ethically wrong!

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#10 Don't sell for the sake of a sell

We will never up sell or knowingly sell a product that a client doesn't need just to make a profit. When working with our clients we will always have their requirements and if needed budget in mind.

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#11 Last but Not least

We will treat you/or our client as we would like to be treated if we where your client.